Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Seventeen years later...

As the temperatures warm up and daffodils begin to emerge, Spring seems to be just around the corner and my thoughts turn again to the garden but this time, not with a year full of plans or planting schemes but in packing away the gardening tools and moving house. After seventeen years it will be strange to start afresh but we will take a lot of family memories with us from the garden.
It was never an elegant garden, not so much designed as emerging from an irregular, uncooperative patch of brambles, rubble and topsoil scraped over a patch of chalk and flint hill. Its saving grace was the closeness to woodland, inviting a never ending supply of wildlife to it and through it. From bats, newts, foxes, hedgehogs, frogs and spiders to voles, mice, slugs, snails, butterflies and ants; there was always something to look at. And the birds. Lots of birds. From owls to woodpeckers, bullfinches to long-tailed tits via buzzards, pheasants and fierce little wrens.
'Ripplestone Garden' will find a new home, a new space for family and friends and a new view in the South West, until then here's a very brief garden round up of the last seventeen years...

What we learn from
What we nurture and grow
What stand we take

These three things define us
And shape our world