Friday, 26 May 2023

May Gardening Diary Flowers 2023

The very wet Spring has turned into a lovely warm, dry summer and all the roses in the garden are loving it. This one we inherited in the garden from the previous owners. beautiful scent.

New iris bought last year.

Glowing rose against a shady background.

Modern Climbing rose 'Meg' happy with the scabious and clove-scented pinks.

I repurpose tiny plant pots and small cardboard tubes into bug habitats and pop them (horizontally) around the garden.

New, wider border taking shape after major wall rebuild.

Why a small tree in big pot is invaluable next to a garden bench! 
Not a view of cars, but of leaves.

No Mow May has meant the herb caterpillar is now very hairy...

Where the wild things are....

More roses, tea rose with a beautiful scent positioned so you can smell it as you climb the steps next to it.

Pollinator power - these have naturalised themselves.

Super bumper blossom year so far.


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